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Eco Saw Chain Lubricant

This product is a quality and environmentally friendly option to oil-based lubricants. Eco Saw Chain Lubricant has been developed by world-class scientist in northern Sweden and has shown high performance even in temperatures as low as -30 °/-22°F.

Eco Grease

This product is our latest addition that is suitable for both construction machines and tractors. Its non-toxic and water-soluble qualities will keep your machines cleaner than ever before. Eco Grease is 100% biodegradable thanks to its unique oil-free base.

Our Green Lubricants


  • Oil-free

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Water-soluble

  • Improved lubrication

  • High performing

  • Keep your machines much cleaner


Find out what our customers think

By using Sustainalube Eco Grease it is much easier to keep all the machinery clean comparing with regular grease. The lubricant easily washes off with some hot water or if you lucky with the weather, the rain will rinse it away. It is incredible! With Sustainalube Eco Grease I do not have to use any degreasers when washing our machines, which saves money, time and also spares the environment.

Björn Berg, Bergs Maskin AB

Sustainalube Eco Chain is not only water-soluble but also non-toxic and environmentally friendly. The product is easy to deal with, and the windows and harvester heads can be kept clean by using only water. In addition, the price point for this lubricant is at a very reasonable level comparing to other companies that are selling similar products. Sustainalube Eco Chain is a lubricant that we are very happy with and we would definitely recommend it to others!

Gunnar Wikberg, Gunnar Wikbergs Skogsentreprenad AB

Sustainalube’s growth is still heading on its way up and it is very exciting to be able to take part in this development. All products are 100 % non-toxic and biodegradable, they are also water-soluble which means you can clean your machines without having to use any strong toxic cleaning products. Sustainalube’s lubricants will contribute to a healthier and cleaner environment as well as a sustainable development.

Ulf Sandström, Sandströms Företagscoaching

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