About us

Sustainalube is a company which is developing new innovative lubricants, with focus on exceeding current environmental standards without compromising on neither price nor performance. At present, the company is selling directly to to the forestry and construction industry, and welcomes customers from all over the world.

Sustainalube is a spin-off company from Luleå University of Technology and was founded in 2015. After four years of technological development the company has a patented technology for a new type of environmentally friendly oil-free lubricant. Several forest harvesting companies in Sweden have been using our products and getting great results, indicating that the benefits of this lubricant also could be interesting for other industries, such as the mining industry.

All of our products are environmentally friendly and water-soluble. In other words, our lubricants are non-toxic and entirely biologically degradable in nature. This means that all cleaning related to machinery and forest equipment can be done without any environmentally harmful additives, which save both money and valuable time for our customers. Our products contribute to a more sustainable development that meets the needs of present and future generations.

Today, Sustainalube has many satisfied customers whom are using both chain oil for sawchains as well as grease for forest machines and construction machines. The company has also won several innovation competitions thanks to their revolutionary and oil-free technology. Sustainalube has among others won Venture Cup Sweden in the category “Environment & Energy” and was also chosen as the winner during the Swedish edition of the “Future Price” in 2015.