Product Benefits

Our products have been developed in a way so that our customers do not have to compromise between performance, price and environmental aspects. Our products are 100 % organic and non-toxic. These characteristics form entirely new environmentally friendly and high performing lubricants that are offered at a fair price point. We are very proud to be a Swedish manufacturer of lubricants, that have been proven to perform in all kinds of weather and that satisfy our customers’ needs.

Water solubility
  • Less contamination of the equipment
  • Easy to keep the equipment clean
Fireproofing & anti-corrosive characteristics
  • Safe choice for both human and nature
Well-functioning under cold conditions
  • Tested down to -30 °C/-22 °F in forest harvesters
Remaining lubricants
  • No problems with remaining lubricants in machines that have not been operated for a longer period of time.
Non-toxic option
  • Proven to be more environmentally friendly and degradable than traditional biolubricants
  • Reduces purchasing costs for lubricants and indirect costs that occur when handling oils