Gunnar Wikberg

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
My name is Gunnar Wikberg and I have been involved in the forest industry for a long time. In 1976 I graduated school in Arvidsjaur and bought my first used harvester. Later, in 1984, I began my career as an entrepreneur and started my own company “Gunnar Wikberg Skogsentreprenad AB”.

How did you get in contact with Sustainalube?

The initial contact was through one of Sveaskog’s crew leaders who asked me if I would be interested in testing a new kind of lubricant. We did test the lubricant and it turned out to work well, but the company took it back for some readjustments for a while. Then when Ulf Sandström came into the picture he contacted me and we started using the product again. Ulf and I have known each other for a very long time because we used to work together, so when he recommended the lubricant I did not hesitate to try it out again.

You were one of our very first product testers for Sustainalube Eco Saw Chain Lubricant. Have you noticed any bigger changes to the product since the beginning? 

Certainly, I have noticed an improvement regarding the quality of the product which now is at a higher level. The product also works really well in cold conditions which is a huge advantage when we harvest trees up here in the north.

How does this lubricant differentiate itself from everything else you have tested?

The biggest difference with this product is that everything is much cleaner around the usage of it, it is very simple to handle the lubricant. Normally, when using regular saw chain oil, a black oil coating appears at the head harvester which is a pain to remove. I was forced to use the most powerful cleaning products in order to remove the black coating, but thanks to Sustainalube’s lubricants I do not have to do that anymore. Now the machines are much cleaner and the small amount of coating that actually appears I can easily get out with some hot water and dish soap. I save a lot of time and can keep both my machines and hands oil-free.

What important advantages do you see when using Sustainalube’s products?

As a land- and forest owner it is of course a plus that the products are entirely non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Sometimes oil is spilled on the ground which is unfortunate, but Sustainalube Eco Saw Chain Lubricant quickly dissolves without harming anything or anyone. If the same thing had happened with regular oil-based lubricants the environment would have suffered a lot more from it. The price point is also a big factor for me, it is quite low comparing to other lubricants currently on the market. This also one of the reasons why I choose to buy Sustainalube’s products.  

Woud you recommed Sustainalube’s products to other people in the industry?

Yes, without hesitation!