Product related issues

Can I mix EcoLube with other products?

EcoLube product series should not be mixed with other products. Normally, however, the function of small amounts of old lubricant in the system is not affected, but depending on the degree of soiling, a cleaning of the system may be necessary.

How can a water-based product work as well at temperatures as at -30 degrees C?

Actually, this is complicated chemistry as the product is also completely environmentally friendly and made from forest raw materials. A certain analogy most people know is that glycol, for example, requires a certain amount of water in order not to freeze in severe cold. To ensure the technically very advanced lubricating properties in the Ecolube series, we always deliver our products completely finished with an extremely carefully fixed proportion of water. A decade of research has created a good understanding.

Saw chain fluid (machine or hand tool)

How do I start using EcoLube Saw chain?

First run out of existing lubricant and then top up with Eco Saw chain Lubricant. Then adjust the inflow to the max and ensure that lubricant reaches the nose wheel and that good lubrication function is achieved. Finish by reducing the inflow and felling with normal settings

EcoLube Saw chain has a cleaning effect on the system and dissolves any remnants of previous oil deposits and dirt. It is therefore important to check the flow and filter in the near future after replacement.

There are several variants of EcoLube Saw chain, which variant should I use?

EcoLube Saw chain (hand tool) is the product to be used for hand-held tools. The reason for this is the chain lubrication for a hand tool needs higher viscosity than for a harvester and more defoaming additives due to stronger vibrations. This product is sold as a year-round product (very good storage properties over time even in a machine, just like all our other products).

EcoLube Saw chain (machine) is offered in two different variants
  • 1. Standard-version is recommended in normal weather. However, some of our customers use it all year round as it has sufficient winter properties compared to bio-oils.
  • 2. Winter recommended in colder weather.

EcoLube Grease Central Lubrication

How do I start using EcoLube Grease?

First run out of existing lubricant and fill the container with Eco Grease. Then test run the pump until lubricant reaches the lubrication points. Then use the machine as usual.