EcoLube Grease - central lubrication

The chain grease is our latest product suitable for all machines with central lubrication system. This grease is completely non-toxic with high performance and does not cause allergic reactions. Water- soluble lubricating greases prevent you from viscous dirt and biofats generally poorer low- temperature properties together with bioproducts potential skin irritation characteristics. Furthermore, Ecolube's good adhesion ensures that the wear and tear of your machines is minimized.

The grease is delivered packaged in 20-liter standard metal buckets. For more information and orders call Customer Support (Ulf) on (+46)70-608 42 31 or email ulf.sandströ

EcoLube Grease - central lubrication


ECOLUBE GREASE is a commercial product that has been developed for several years by world-class researchers at Luleå University of Technology in close collaboration with Nordic entrepreneurs. The lubricating grease has an oil-free water-based formula, which makes it both more degradable and environmentally friendly than traditional greases, including biofats. The product has been tested by independent parties in their laboratories down to -40 °C or -40 °F and is today used commercially in all conditions, even arctic ones. Ecolube Greases is a leader in the field of water-based non-toxic anti- allergic fats for industrial and mechanical application.

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